Midland Mixed Pebbles

Midland Mixed Pebbles assortment is so popular among landscaping and paving professionals that it bears our name! Once you see this beautiful aggregate mix for yourself, you’ll understand the appeal, as it provides a wonderful combination of hues in pleasing shades that blend in with an array of environs for stylish results. Angular pieces in neutral grey and brown colours, these pebbles are generally 20mm in size.


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Suitable for many different applications, this aggregate is available for easy purchase online with shipping to locations all over Ireland. We have flexible delivery options available to meet your needs, so you can have your aggregate shipped to your desired destination without any hassles at all.

Midland Mixed Pebbles contain many different types of natural stone. We have carefully selected varieties to maximise the colours seen in the assortment while keeping to a neutral palette that is very easy to match. You’ll find many different tones of grey and brown as well as some pink and golden yellow mixed throughout. In addition to varying in colour, the pebbles vary widely in shape. Some are smoother and rounder, while others are sharp and angular. The dramatic differences make the assortment ideal for paving applications where you are looking to add a large amount of texture to a surface.

One of our larger aggregate blends, Midland Mixed Pebble aggregate consists of pebbles that are roughly 20 millimetres in length though slightly smaller and larger stones can be found in the assortment. The larger size makes the colours of the individual stones more pronounced for eye-catching results when paving or making mosaics.

Like all of our garden aggregates, Midland Mixed Pebbles can be used as a substitute for mulch when landscaping. The stones help the soil retain water and seal in heat during the cold winter months to protect delicate root systems from frost.

Midland Mixed Pebbles is sold by the tonne sack. You can use our online calculator to figure how much is required for your specific project.

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