Scottish Red Chippings

From Scotland comes the perfect stone for beautifying landscaping, Scottish Red Chippings. Colorful and capable of standing the test of time, these chippings lend themselves to many different garden project. They are a subtle red colour chipping with a nice fleck of white through it. Scottish Red Chippings come in a 10mm size and their angular size makes it popular for driveways and paths etc.

If you need these chippings for a driveway, check out our driveway matting for gravel as well.


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Whether you’re looking for aggregate for your own home or for a project for a residential or commercial customer, you’re sure to be impressed with this beautiful stone.

Scottish Red Chippings show off the beauty of natural Scottish stone. In this blend, there are fiery tones of red, orange terracotta shades, paler pinks and warm golden orange hues. White vein patterns soften the colours for a muted, natural effect. The chippings are angular with no two pieces ever being identical, making this assortment of aggregate very popular for creating driveways and pathways. When used for paving, the aggregate may be deployed with or without cement to get the results that you desire.

Our Scottish Red Chippings are available in one size’10 millimetres. The majority of the pieces in the mixture that you purchase will be about this length; however, larger and smaller stones should be expected. We go to great lengths to ensure that only the most beautiful, colourful chippings go into every mixture to provide the best possible results for projects (you may be interested in our Scottish beach cobbles as well).

Like all of our garden aggregates, Scottish Red Chippings are sold by the tonne sack. Each unit that you add to your cart will provide one additional sack of the stone chippings. You can use our Online Calculator to help you determine how many of the sacks are necessary for your project. Shipping is available to locations throughout Ireland, and we also can arrange for you to pick up your order at our location in Athlone if you wish. Give us a call at 00353 86 385 2359 to discuss delivery or pick-up options.

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