Silver Pink Chippings

Two contrasting colours come together beautifully in the look of the Silver Pink Chipping Garden Aggregate. Sure to add a lovely finishing touch to any landscaping or paving project, this assortment has a wide range of uses and provides a high-quality, long-lasting aggregate when used for any purpose.


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The Silver Pink Chippings features stones in tones of grey and pink. These colours coordinate with one another beautifully, and each assortment includes a nice balance of both hues. Some stones have white quartz running through their vein patterns, adding a touch of sparkle and light colour. Due to the natural nature of the stone, no two pieces are ever completely identical.

Angular and irregularly shaped, the Silver Pink Chippings looks natural when added to landscaping. Specific sizes of the stones in each assortment vary, but the average length of the stones is 20 millimetres. You’ll find rounder, smoother stones; thinner slivers of stone and everything in between in the mixture that you receive.

Due to the size and colour of the stones that it contains, the Silver Pink Chippings makes for beautiful walkways and garden pathways and can be used for paving with or without concrete. The stone is also a lovely choice for edging and can be integrated into landscaping for use in flower beds and raised planters. When used in place of mulch, the chippings insulate root systems and promote soil moisture retention.

The Silver Pink Chippings are sold by the tonne sack with each unit purchased giving you an additional sack. To determine how much stone you will need for your landscaping or paving project, you can make use of our Online Calculator. For more information about shipping or delivery or for answers to your questions regarding this aggregate, please contact us using the online chat or by phone or email.

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