Wexford Garden Pebbles

One of our most unique garden aggregates with a natural, earthy look, this combination of stones is perfect for applications where larger pebbles are needed to achieve the look you desire. Shaped by the sea, the beautifully rounded stones contain a nice blend of bright and darker colours. Wexford Garden Pebbles are approximately 20-40mm in size and contain some crushed sea shells.


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Straight from the seaside to your garden comes the Wexford Garden Pebbles. With stones carefully selected to make every project as visually pleasing as possible, this aggregate never fails to put the perfect finishing touch on landscaping.

The Wexford Garden Pebbles features stones gathered from the seashore. Years of being battered by the waves have given the pebbles a naturally smooth finish. Because they have not required working to achieve those smooth results, the cobble-sized stones retain the matte finish that Mother Nature gives them for the most natural, earthy look possible.

In the Wexford Garden Pebbles mixture, you’ll find rocks in a beautiful variety of hues. Many of the stones are tones of grey, but you’ll also find touches of yellow, terracotta, green, ivory, beige and white mixed in. A few darker charcoal and black stones balance out the colours. Crushed seashells are included in the assortment to bring a shimmering effect and unique textures.

Wexford Garden Pebbles contains stones that measure between 20 millimetres and 40 millimetres in length. No two stones in any assortment are ever identical with variations in colour, shape and length to be expected due to the natural properties of the stone.

With the large size of the pieces, Wexford Garden Pebbles is very popular for paving. Use it for walkways, garden pathways and sidewalks or for edging along driveways and landscaping to incorporate these beautiful sea stones into any residential or commercial environment.

Wexford Garden Pebbles are sold by the tonne sack. For help calculating how much is needed for your project, please refer to our Online Calculator. The assortment is available for shipping anywhere in Ireland and can be picked up at our Athlone location.

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