Basalt Ceramic Paving Slabs

Our Travertine Basalt Paving Slab is a beautiful contemporary paving slab that will compliment any garden or landscaped area.  Primarily black in colour with a speckling of white throughout,  the Travetine Basalt Paving Slab is a strong durable paving choice. Available in one size only 60*60cm and callibrated to an even thickness of 2cm.

Price is per square metre

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Travertine is a strong durable patio paving product that has been used for years in Italy, Greece and Turkey. At Midland Stone we carry three variants that will not only add a contemporary feel to any project but will also compliment our beautiful Irish Landscape.  The Basalt and Charcoal variants are more grey in tone whilst the Oatmeal will suit those seeking a brighter shade.

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