Belgian Street Cobbles

Known as “Setts” in Europe, Belgian Street Cobbles type of granite cobble frequently used for commercial driveways, walkways, and edging.

Belgian Street Cobbles, are recognisable by their rectangular shape, large granite stone pieces, and top-heavy, slightly rounded top. These fundamental building components are predominantly grey or dark grey in colour.

Size: 100×100 appprox


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If you are looking for a unique yet classic paving stone, then look no further than the Belgian Cobble. It is sized right so that it is easy to handle and install.

Belgian Street Cobbles are a charming and versatile product. Versatile enough to be used in your garden, hard landscaping, or driveway, this cobble is tough enough to handle anything nature throws at it.

Belgian Blocks are a type of granite cobblestone that can be used for paving or edging thanks to their square shape. The authentic Belgian cobble has a rustic appearance thanks to its marking and colour variation. Its strength also makes it great for heavy-traffic areas. This highly durable cobble can withstand the weight of vehicles and foot traffic with ease!

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Dimensions 100 × 100 mm
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