Egyptian Limestone Paving Slabs

Egyptian Limestone Paving slabs are a great option for projects that call for a durable paving solution. With warm oatmeal and yellow tones the Egyptian Limestone Paving will compliment any external paving project.  The stone is available in two finishes; sawn, where the surface is slightly roughened and irregular with small furrows and undulations or bushammered, which is a more textured, rough finish.

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The Egyptian Limestone Paving offers a slab that not only looks good but also one that is hard wearing.  These slabs are genuine limestone, a stone that is much more durable than other varieties on the market. The stone is highly weather resistant and even in areas exposed to direct sunlight, the colour will remain beautiful due to the colourfast nature of the stone.
Perfect for walkways and driveways our Egyptian Limestone paving slabs come with a bushhammered or sawn finish. By working the stone with this masonry hammer’s serrated edge, we are able to give the slabs a rough surface that is very pleasing to the eye. Roughing the stone also provides traction underfoot for less chance of slipping when conditions are wet or icy. This is especially beneficial for commercial paving and for paving in public areas as it can reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents.
The Egyptian Limestone paving slabs are 3 centimetres thick for strength and durability. Surfaces paved with the material will require very little maintenance due to the durable properties of this limestone.
At Midland Stone, we offer the Egyptian Limestone paving slabs by the square meter.
Use the online calculator to determine how much you require or contact us by phone, email or online chat for assistance with calculating your material requirements.

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