Petra Random Paving Stone

This beautiful crazy paving stone originates in a Greek Island. Each piece is a mixture of grey and tan hues mottled with golden veins, giving this stone a beautiful look that is truly unique.  Ideal for walkways, a patio, driveway or stepping stones, this stone will bring a lovely finishing touch to a residential outdoor living space, public garden, park or commercial facility. As in nature this stone comes in irregular sizes and is ideal for creating crazy pattern pavements, driveways or patios. This type of stone is commonly used for stepping stones in a garden.This natural stone paving stone is sold per square meter.

Price is per square metre

This paving has been sourced from a Greek Island with a history of volcanic activity. This has brought about a beautiful array of grey, gold and brown colours. This greek paving has been created by Mother Nature over thousands of years, its quartz features makes it virtually weather proof.

Weight 57 kg


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