A Joint Paving Compound

Joint Paving Compound is used to fill and finish joints between interlocking pavers. The color can be custom-matched, allowing you to create the most stunning patio, pool deck, or walkway ever created by you. It is a fast-drying, high-strength weatherproofing compound for use on joints between new or existing surfaces. It can also be used to repair cracks and holes in concrete slabs and driveways.


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Patio grout, such as Jointing Compound, is the final step when laying tiles, slabs, or paving stones outdoors. This paving grout is great for sprucing up or replacing your outdoor flooring. It can be used in any climate, sets quickly, and doesn’t crack or shrink.

Filling the spaces between the bricks and concrete with this all-weather, sweeping-in joint compound is fast, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. It makes hard landscaping as easy as it gets. This straightforward product is superior to conventional jointing techniques because it is adaptable to all varieties of paving material, is resistant to the elements, and lasts for a long time.

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