Mid Grey Ceramic Paving Slabs

Travertine is a contemporary paving slab that is not only beautiful but strong & durable. This Travertine variant has a medium charcoal grey background with white veins running through each slab. Available in one slab size 60*60cm. All slabs are callibrated to 2cm thickness

Price is per square metre

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There are natural white veins running through some of the Travertive Charcoal Paving Slab’s gray slabs. It’s a strong, long-lasting stone with a distinctive appearance that looks great on any home’s exterior.

In Italy, Turkey, and Greece, travertine has been used in construction for centuries. Many of Italy’s older buildings feature travertine as a primary building material. It is our belief that Oatmeal, Charcoal, and Liscannor stone are the best options for the Irish landscape.


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