Mint Ceramic Paving

Mint Ceramic Paving is perfect for adding color and texture to your patio. The bold colors make it easy to coordinate with any space. Its durable finish means these pavers will last long after their initial installation.


The surface of the Mint Ceramic Paving is smooth, with a slight granular texture. In addition to being suitable for either modern or classic settings, this ceramin paving is also non-slip, making it an attractive and practical choice for public spaces.


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Mint Ceramic Paving is a tough outdoor grade material, perfect for modern and contemporary gardens. It’s resistant to mould & moss, chemicals, algae, frost, and is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and fireproof.

Perfect for “inside-to-outside” projects such as flat roofs, balconies and patios, it can also be laid on paths, steps and swimming pools. Lightweight compared with traditional paving slabs and easy to install, our high standards of product quality guarantee consistent colour.

Whether it’s a large or small area, the addition of mint ceramic paving will brighten and warm it up tremendously. Not only do they make your home cozier, but they also make it feel more luxurious than ever by closely resembling marble slabs at a fraction of the cost.

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