Bottle Green Glass Pebbles

Our Green Glass Pebbles are emerald green in colour and produced from 100% post-consumer glass bottle. The are smooth and shiny and available in 2 sizes, 20-25mm kidney shaped pebble and a larger oval shaped 30mm pebble.  Our green glass pebbles have been used by florists, interior decorators, wedding planners and memorial masons

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The glass is melted to a very a specific temperature. An additive is added to the process to produce the Green coloured glass. The coloured glass is cooled and reprocessed to produce the popular Green glass pebble.

Our Green glass pebbles can be used for a wide variety of applications, some of which are;

Floral Arrangements. These unique glass pebbles have been used in a wide variety of floral arrangements. Customers have used the Green glass pebbles for wedding table displays, as part of a floral arrangement, window displays and for use in creative internal planting. Our wide variety of coloured glass pebbles allows the customer to choose a coloured glass pebble that will match their specific internal decor.

Decorating Graves. The Green glass pebbles have also been used to decorate graves. Many customers use a complete covering of the Green glass pebble or some customers will mix the Green glass pebble with another similar shaped but different coloured pebble to create their desired effect. The great advantage of this application is that the glass colour is permanent, it is not pigmented and therefore will not lose colour over time. Customers will use the green pebble to reflect their loved ones favourite colour. Typically customers use the online calculator to calculate the exact quantity of glass pebbles they will need.

Landscape Design. Many landscape designers have incorporated the Green glass pebbles in individual landscape project to provide a truly unique design. Some have used the Green glass pebble to add a distinctive element to their planting scheme whilst others have used the Green glass pebbles to add a dimension to a water feature.

Many customers have incorporated these vibrant glass pebble in their art & craft projects including mosaic pieces, stained glass and glass lamps. Often the customer will use the Green glass pebbles with a variety of other coloured glass pebbles from the same range.

As a Concrete Additive. Customers are now using the Green glass pebbles as a way of introducing a creative element to concrete or driveways. The glass pebbles are set in concrete or are placed over LED lights in order to give a beautiful lighting effect to any concrete project.

In Fish Tanks or Water Features. Green glass pebbles are used extensively in fish tanks or water features. The smooth nature of the glass pebble makes them fish friendly. Many customers have used them to add a decorative element to a water feature.

Fire Pits. Our Green Glass pebbles have also been used as a decorative element for fire pits. The glass can sustain high temperatures and does not melt at high heat.


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