Coloured Polished Cobbles

The Multi Colour Polished Cobbles are a collection of black, brown, grey, off-white, red and yellow polished cobbles.  The polished cobbles are a river cobble that are collected, sorted, tumbled and waxed to produce this extremely popular pebble.  They have a variety of uses including landscape projects, internal planting and also dressing graves or memorials gardens.  Natural weathering will cause the shine on the pebble to fade over time.

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Create a memorial garden that reflects the beauty of nature but still delights the eye with the Multi Colour Polished Cobbles. With a wide array of hues in one pebble blend, this mixture allows you to dress kerb sets, rock gardens and other projects.

Every stone is tumbled for an extended period of time to eliminate rough edges and create perfectly smooth, rounded cobbles for a classic look.

We then take the time to polish each one until it shines beautifully, reflecting the light to catch the eye. The polishing enhances the colour of the stone and allows each piece’s unique character to come through. After polishing is complete, the stones are waxed to help seal the shine and protect the stones. You can purchase the Multi Colour Polished Cobbles in a variety of bag sizes, and each assortment features a blend of sizes and shapes to create as much visual interest as possible for landscaping and memorial applications.

We also offer black polished pebbles.


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