Ink Blue Glass Pebbles

Our Ink Blue Glass Pebbles are a deep blue colour.  They are available in two sizes, a kidney bean or jelly bean shape, approx. 20mm in length and a larger oval shape, approx. 30mm long.  Both sizes are smooth, shiny and opaque in appearance

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Our Ink Blue Glass Pebbles have been widely used for different projects.

They are extremely popular for decorating graves.  Some use a blanket covering of the pebble, whilst others mix with it another coloured, similar sized pebble from the collection. Often the pebbles are chosen with another coloured glass pebble(s) to reflect a persons football team, crest or flag of their home county or country.

The Ink Blue glass pebbles have been used by florists and wedding planners alike for table displays.

They’ve also been used in gas fireplaces, as a decorative element.  The glass can sustain high temperatures and does not melt at high heat.

These pebbles can be also used in garden spaces, they add a vibrant colour to any planted area or can be incorporate into small water features, pots or planters.

Common other uses over the last number of years have been as part of mosaic or terrazzo applications, this gives a beautiful colour effect to any flooring project.

Recently this  product was used on a large project to form the base of a swimming pool.  The glass pebbles were embedded into wet concrete and once set they provided a stunning background colour for the pool.

Our Ink Blue Glass Pebbles have also been used by some large aquarium owners and add a beautiful deep sea type effect to the fish tank.


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