Off White Polished Cobbles

Our Off White Polished Cobbles, are ivory white in appearance, with some yellow and grey veining running through them.  They are a smooth, oval shaped river pebble.  We stock 3 sizes 0.8-1.2cm,  1-3cm and 3-5cm – see picture for pebble size.



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Our Off White Polished Cobbles are a natural river pebble. They are ivory in colour with some yellow and grey veins through them. The colour variation give the stones a more natural appearance that will blend in nicely with surroundings in cemeteries, parks, gardens and other outdoor areas.

The Off White Polished Cobbles are a natural river pebble.  The pebbles are collected and tumbled for days to remove any sharp or rough edges. The pebbles are then polished to create a smooth surface. Layers of wax are added to seal the stones, enhance the colour and preserve the polished effect. Thereafter each pebble is graded.

If exposed to the elements the cobbles will, after some time, lose some of their shine and become more matt in appearance

Our Off White Polished Cobbles are popular for use in memorials garden, internal and external planting cover and floral arrangements.



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