White Portuguese Quartz

Our brilliant White Portuguese Quartz are a unique crystal white colour.  These chippings are almost glass-like in colour and appearance and they tend to keep their colour better when used externally. Unlike marble, they are not porous and are often used for graves and memorial gardens. White quartz chippings are available in canvas 25kg bags and are available 2 sizes, 10-14mm and 16-20mm sizes.

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Our Portuguese White Quartz Chippings have many uses but typically they are used to decorate graves or memorial gardens.  They have a brilliant white colour which can be quite striking on sunny days.  They are of an irregular, angular shape. They are available in 2 sizes, medium(10-14mm) and large (16-20mm).  They have been used as a blanket covering to decorate a grave where they can be a nice contrast to any black or dark coloured granite headstone and surround.  Some customers like to sprinkle black or another coloured recycled glass through the quartz to introduce a contrast.  On average a standard grave would require 5-6 25kg bags.  This product is sold in 25kg white canvas bags.

Available Sizes

6-11mm, 11-20mm


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