Red Polished Cobbles

Our Red Polished Cobbles are a shiny smooth, irregular oval shaped river pebble. The red colours in the Red Polished Cobble range from a terracotta red to a burgundy red colour.  They are available in 3 sizes, 0.8-1.2mm, 1-3cm and 3-5cm  -see photo for range of sizes.

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Our Red Polished Cobbles are a natural river cobble. The smooth, rounded surface is achieved using a unique production process. Once collected, the cobbles are tumbled over and over again in a cylindrical drum to achieve the rounded edge. This process can take between 6 and 8 days.  A wax is then applied to achieve the shiny effect. Please note that weathering will cause the gloss effect to wear over time leaving the cobbles with a more matt finish.

Our Red Polished Cobbles have many uses but they are most often used as grave decor in memorial gardens.  Some customers have used a complete covering of the red polished cobble to match their red granite headstone, be it pandora, aurora red or a paradiso headstone. The varying red colour present in the cobble will pair beautifully with the red in the granite headstone and surround.  Other customers will mix the red cobble with another coloured polished cobble from the same range to complement their headstone.

Such cobbles have also been used in internal and external landscape design. Internally customers have used them as ‘pot toppers’, in other words, to add to the top of the potted plant to disguise the clay and give a clean appealing look. Externally the cobbles have been used in many landscape projects. Some will use the Red Polished Cobbles as a garden pebble, whilst others have used them to dress a water feature.

Our smaller sized Red Polished Cobbles have been used in internal fish tanks or as part of larger external fish ponds. They are perfectly safe to use in the pond. They are a natural stone and with the smooth rounded edges, they will not cause harm to the fish.

Red polished cobbles can also be used for decorative purposes in concrete footpaths, driveways, patios and paved areas. Recently one of our recent clients used the cobbles to edged a concrete drive. They set the cobbles in concrete to distinguish one paved area from another. The cobbles can give any concrete project a nice decorative finish.

The cobbles have also been used for various arts and crafts projects. Customers have used the cobbles on their own or with a selection from our range for mosaic projects and other handcrafted pieces.


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