Scottish Grey

Our Scottish Grey Granite Chipping is a mid to dark grey chip with flecks of black running through it.  It is irregular and angular in appearance and available in one size only, 14-20mm.

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One of our most versatile stone chippings which can be applied to a vast range of garden and home projects such as Terrazzo Flooring, decorative precast applications, landscape design and memorial grave coverings.

The Scottish Grey is often used in Terrazzo flooring where the Scottish granite chippings are scattered into the setting concrete and then polished down to show the exposed aggregate in a fully polished appearance.

These granite chippings are extremely popular for use in memorial gardens where they provide a neutral base for grave cover to which plants, flowers and other decoration can be added.

Scottish Grey Granite Chippings can also be used in Decorative precast applications, the grey granite dust and chippings are mixed in with the concrete to produce a precast finish, which is coloured by the sand and has flecks of the Scottish grey granite within the precast.

Our Scottish Grey Granite chippings are available in 25kg bags, tonne sacks and can also be delivered by the bulk load, up to 28 tonnes, please use the online calculator to estimate the quantity you may require. Please feel free to contact us on 086 3852359 or email on if you require any additional information.


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