Turquoise Glass Pebbles

Our Turquoise Glass Pebbles are ocean blue in colour.  They are smooth, shiny and opaque. They are available in 2 sizes, a kidney/jelly bean shape 20-25mm long and a larger oval shape 30mm long.

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Our Turquoise Glass Pebbles are made from recycled glass products.  Glass bottles and jars are collected, that might otherwise end up in a landfill.  The glass is melted to a very high temperature.  An additive is mixed in with the melted glass to create the Turquoise colour.  The glass is then cooled and moulded to form the distinctive kidney/jelly bean shape.

These pebbles are used in a wide range of applications including table displays, vases fillers, landscape projects and memorials gardens.

The Turquoise Glass Pebbles are often used to dress a grave.  The turquoise glass pebble have been used as a blanket covering or mixed with another similar sized but different coloured pebble to achieve the desired look on the grave. A standard Irish grave usually requires 5 or 6 25kg bags, depending on size and planted area within the space.   Please feel free to contact us and we can put you in contact with our nearest distributor of the pebbles.

The Turquoise Glass Pebbles  have been used by florists as vase fillers or as plant toppers.  Wedding planners have also used the Turquoise Glass Pebble in a similar way to continue a colour theme.

Landscapers have used the Turquoise Glass Pebbles to create  a distinctive planting scheme and they have also used them in ponds and water features.


Available Sizes

11-20mm, 20-40mm


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