White Opal Chippings

Our White Porcelain Chippings are pure snow white in colour,  They are often used in memorial gardens, arts and crafts projects, flower arrangements and mosaic projects.

The chippings are irregular and angular in shape.  They are available in one size only, with sizing ranging from 20-40mm.


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Our Porcelain White Recycled Glass chippings are produced from recycled glass bottles.  Glass is collected, cleaned and heated to a very high temperature until molten.  A colourant is added to produce the white colour. This colourant is permanent, it will not fade even when exposed to the elements.  The molten is then cooled.  After the glass solidifies, it is carefully crushed into pieces. The fragments are left in their broken, angular pieces but worked to remove dangerous points and edges for safe handling.

As the White Opal Glass Chippings are of very unique character, we recommend that you receive a small sample before purchasing a large quantity.  This will help you verify that the chippings are what you’re looking for to complete your project.

Please contact us by phone or email to arrange to receive a sample.  The chippings are sold through our network of Memorial Products distributors. To find the location of a retailer near you in Ireland, please get in touch with us.


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