Zebra Cobbles

Zebra cobbles, with their light and dark grey tones, have a clean, contemporary appearance. Typically reserved for ornamental surfaces and garden paths, zebra cobbles pair particularly well with contemporary landscape components and neutral hues.

Zebra cobbles are a popular choice for garden decoration. Made from natural stone, which is lightweight yet durable, Zebra cobble offers a distinct look, providing both practical and aesthetic value. It is available in one size, 10 – 30mm.


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Zebra Pebbles are small, grey, tumbled stones that can be used as a decorative accent in any garden. Use as filler between pavers, around water features, to prevent weed growth, and to retain moisture.
To give your garden a stylish, modern look, fill it with pebbles, crush, or gravel in the color of your choice. It can be used as a groundcover in tricky areas where plants won’t thrive, as well as for pathways, between pavers, in seating and entertainment areas.

Zebra cobbles are popularly used in combination with other decorative stones They’re usually placed on top of gravel or sand, though they can also be used on their own.

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