Lilac Glass Chippings

Our beautiful lilac glass chippings are aubergine in colour. They are of an angular shape and are available in two sizes, medium which ranges from 6-11mm and large which ranges from 11-20mm.
crushed glass presented in an angular shape. Available in two sizes – Medium (6-14mm) Large (14-20mm)
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Our lilac glass chippings are aubergine in colour. They are of an angular shape and are available in two sizes, medium which ranges from 6-11mm and large which ranges from 11-20mm.

Our glass chippings are made by from 100% recyclable glass bottles and jars. The recycled glass is melted to an extremely high temperature. A dye is then added to produce a specific colour. This is a permanent dye that will not fade. The sheet of dyed glass is then cooled, crushed, graded and bagged.

The lilac glass chippings have many uses:

They are most commonly used as grave decor in “Kerbsetts” or memorial gardens.

The great advantage of this particular product, is that they do not discolour with weathering unlike some other aggregates. They provide a beautiful infusion of colour for any “Kerbsettt Memorial” and will provide a covering that is both attractive and stands the test of time.

The lilac glass chippings have also been used in Terrazzo flooring.

The chippings are cast onto a wet concrete base. A machine is then used to smooth the rough edges from the cast stones. All glass chippings/pebbles available on this website are suitable for use in terrazzo flooring projects. Most contractors would generally use the larger sized aggregates, the 11-20mm size, as this gives a stronger concentration of colour.

This particular glass chipping is also commonly used in Resin Bonded paving.

Resin Bonded paving is where a decorative or coloured aggregate/chipping is “glued” to an existing solid surface by means of a transparent or coloured resin. The chipping must be machine dried aggregate/chipping for the resin to take. Resin Bonded paving is becoming more common and uses include flooring, driveways, paths, patios, footways, cycleways, bus lane, road junctions and car parks.

Our lilac chippings have also been used in gardens and landscape Projects. Many landscapers will incorporate them in their own design to achieve an overall look for a client. Some have used the lilac glass chippings on their own or with other colours from the range to achieve their design .

The lilac chippings have been used in floral arrangements. Customers have used the chippings for wedding table displays, as part of a floral arrangement, window displays and for use in creative internal planting. Our wide variety of coloured glass chippings and pebbles allows the customer to choose a coloured glass chipping/pebble that will match their specific internal decor.

Many customers have incorporated the lilac glass chipping in their art & craft projects including mosaic pieces, stained glass and glass lamps. Often customer will use the glass chippings with a variety of other coloured glass chippings from the same range.

Customers are now using the lilac glass chippings as a way of introducing a creative element to concrete or driveways. The glass chippings are cast in concrete or are placed over LED lights in order to give a beautiful lighting effect to any concrete project

This product has a large number of uses. We are more than happy to give you some pointers on potential uses and we regularly update our blog with new applications of the product.

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