Red Verona

One of our boldest natural stone options in our selection of exquisite terrazzo chippings, the Red Verona Terrazzo Chippings shows off a range of flamboyant colours. As previously stated, you?ll find plenty of orange-red terracotta pieces in the aggregate, giving the blend an earthy quality that is very appealing in many different types of settings. Chocolate, Red and Terracotta with a slight hint of off pink running through the mix. Available in 3 sizes, 3-5mm, 5-8mm and 9-12mm

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The tradition of producing beautiful works out of terracotta in Italy can be traced back all the way to the Romans, who formed tiny figurines out of terracotta as tributes to their Gods. In the Italian peninsula, terrazzo floors have not been produced for quite as long, but they have become just as famous as the ancient earthenware handicrafts that still survive today. Now, the colours of that historic pottery can be incorporated into floors designed in keeping with the Italian paving tradition with our Red Verona Terrazzo Chippings.

Adding to the earth tones are bits of chocolate stone that are rich and striking. Vivid red and burgundy fragments are mixed throughout to spice up the assortment even more, and there are subtle veins of off white running through to nicely temper the dark character of the stone.

No matter where you are installing a terrazzo floor, you can count on the Red Verona Terrazzo Chippings to hold up to foot traffic and to be easy to work with due to the quality of the aggregate. This stone mixture is made from marble sourced from Italy, making it sublimely beautiful but also of the finest possible quality. Pieces are angular, so the stone lends itself perfectly to terrazzo paving as well as to other applications like making wall mosaics and marble back splashes.

The Red Verona Terrazzo Chippings that we are able to offer vary based on availability. Please contact us by phone, email or online chat to find out what sizes are currently on offer. We can also help you pick out other chippings from our collection to pair with this bold stone.

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Available Sizes

Extra Small (3-5mm), Small (5-8mm), Regular (9-12mm)

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Sample, 25kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg


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