Irish Limestone Bench

Add a touch of Ireland to your garden with this Irish Limestone Bench. The limestone has been cut, shaped, and fixed to create this stunning bench. It is a great way to add style and elegance to any setting. Made from natural stone, this bench will fit perfectly into almost any garden and has been designed for year-round outdoor use.

White Limestone Dry Dashing

For as long as people have been using pebble dash, limestone has been a favourite material for this type of surfacing. Now, you can complete your dry dash project with this popular, beautiful stone White Limestone Dry Dashing mixture.  This pebble dashing has a nice mix of light beige chippings and a lovely fleck of a mica type stone through it. It comes in a 25kg bag, tonne sacks are available on request.

Limestone with Red/Brown Dry Dashing

Complete the facade of your home or place of business with a finish that will stand the test of time. Not only can our Limestone chipping with 10% red/brown marble mixed through it be used to pebble dash areas of your facade to add colour and texture but the pebble dash is also low maintenence finish.

White Limestone Sand

The Grade A White Limestone Sand we offer is widely used and trusted by building professionals throughout Ireland and is ideal for applying finishes to any building.  Our white limestone sand provides a perfectly white dash application when applied to a scratch coat and combined with white cement. It is available in 25kg bags and 1 bag covers approximately 2 sqm.

Limestone with Black Dry Dashing

Create a beautiful, low maintenance finish on a home or building with our Limestone with Black Dry Dashing Aggregate. Widely used by contractors across Ireland, this is one of our best-selling products for pebble dash. It can put that perfect final detail on the exterior of any structure whilst providing a number of practical benefits.

Black Limestone Chippings

This is often referred to as the black road chipping, this aggregate is a grey/black colour when dry and a deep black colour when wet. This chipping is generally used in dry dashing mix combinations.

Washed in a mixer and packaged in 25kg bag.

Blue Limestone Stick on Wall Stone

Adding the look of beautiful stone to the interior or exterior of a home or place of business doesn’t have to mean completely re-modelling or spending a fortune to have stone installed by a professional stonemason. The Blue Limestone Stick on Wall Stone instantly creates the illusion that a building or structure was crafted entirely out of the finest quality stone bricks. This stone will enhance any wall, fireplace or outside wall. The great strength of this type of stone is that it is easy to apply and it has beautiful colour.

Dolomite 10% Black Limestone

Our Dolomite White Marble & 10% Black Limestone is a classic mix frequently used for dry dashing and to decorate a grave.  Our white marble originates in Spain and is a blend of a white and cream chip and the black limestone is of a charcoal grey colour.

The standard size available in 8-11mm.

Kadappa Black Limestone Paving Slabs

Envisioning a walkway, patio or other surface paved in midnight black?  The Kadappa Black Limestone Paving Slabs will help you bring your vision to life with its stunning colour and offers a number of benefits as a paving material. A favourite among homeowners with contemporary taste, this fabulous stone can be used on its own or in combination with other pavers to complete everything from paved steps between flower beds to stair treads and pathways.