Brazilian Slate Paving Slabs

Looking for a paving stone that is pleasing to the eye and a good fit with your budget? The Harbour Grey Ceramic is an ideal solution. Its beautiful appearance, exceptional quality and overall value for money has made this variety of paving stone the most popular choice in our Indian paving stone collection.

Plum Slate

Our Plum Slate originates in Wales.  It is an extremely durble chipping.  It is irregular and angular in shape. Sizes within the mix vary from 30-50mm.  Plum Slate contains muted tones of heather like colour, with smaller quantities of natural green/grey mixed through it.

Green Slate Garden Chippings

Go green in the garden or backyard with our Green Slate Garden Chippings Mix. Suitable for a wide array of applications such as landscaping your own backyard or looking for a material for a residential or commercial paving or landscaping product, this slate aggregate is an exquisite choice. Green Slate Garden Chippings are 30-50mm size, it is extremely durable slate. There is a small amount of Plum Slate mixed through the slate.

Grey Agate

Grey Agate stone is a South American agate that is popularly used for decoration. It is often polished to bring out the best in its appearance. Grey Agate is a stone that has been used for thousands of years. It’s thought to have many uses, chiefly to inspire calm. The Grey Agate stone is a gemstone and ornamental object as much as it is a garden decoration. The stone is available in one size: 10-30mm.


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