Looking to make a creative and colourful change in your next flooring project? Then look no further because Terrazzo Flooring is making a huge comeback. Terrazzo Stone aggregates give customers the ability to design innovative floor patterns for their homes or businesses.

Terrazzo flooring is an investment in superior flooring that will transform indoor spaces & last a lifetime, offering exceptional value. It is an incredibly durable material that is chip & water resistant. It will seldom suffer from stain or water damage. The artistic possibilities it allows for creative designs is the main reason behind its resurgence in popularity among architects and interior designers.

Terrazzo stone surfaces are both economically and environmentally friendly. Terrazzo is also friendly to both the outdoor environment as well as your indoor environment. Some Terrazzo products actively resist microbial growth which provides a natural sanitary and clean surface.


Midland Stone have supplied our customers for more than two decades with the highest quality materials to produce stunning Terrazzo floors to bring their interior design ideas to life.

Our Terrazzo products include marble, recycled clear and coloured glass and mirror chippings to produce a truly beautiful and exceptional floor that will stand the test of time. The amount of colour blends that can be obtained when combining marble terrazzo chippings and recycled glass is nearly limitless.

We can mix any colours and textures requested and can arrange for small samples of mixes before purchase. We are your one-stop -shop to supply the raw materials needed to complete a stunning, colourful and on-trend Terrazzo floors.


For more information on our complete range of Terrazzo products, visit our website here or get in touch with us on our contact page.