Increasingly, people are demanding sustainable products for decorating and landscaping. At Midland Stone, we’re proud to offer eco-friendly supplies that have an as little eco impact as possible.

We provide a diverse range of high-quality glass beads, pebbles, chippings and polished cobble stones that can ignite your imagination and develop your creative side for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Our quality glass stone products are ideal for discerning home owners, interior and landscapers seeking to put some finishing touches to gardens, outdoor spaces, interiors and loved one’s graves.

Decorative white pebbles used to surround bathtub


Sparkling blue glass beads and two blue glass candle holders

Glass Pebbles

Our glass pebbles are produced from 100% post consumer glass bottles and used windscreen glass. We offer a wide range of colours, sizes and mixes that can be used in a variety of applications such as floral arrangements, decorating graves, garden landscape design, arts and crafts and interior decorating.

A collection of black polished pebbles in a black bowl shaped vase on a water surface

Polished Pebbles & Cobbles

Shiny and lovely, polished cobbles and pebbles bring earthy hues to projects. They are the perfect choice of materials when you want to create something that brings natural beauty or earthy tones to a project. Polished cobbles and pebbles are frequently used for kerb setts and memorial gardens as well as for flower arrangements, centrepieces, aquariums, planters and other decorations.

A mixture of colourful glass beads and shells in a small glass vase

Glass Beads

Our superior quality glass beads, are produced with a highly polished finish that provides a mirror-like shine. Their domed shape makes their surface reflective, so these beads can produce dazzling effects when placed around candles in a center piece or similar decoration. Incredibly lustrous, our glass beads are also very popular for jewelry making and can be used as a raw material for making your own beads or stained glass.

Fire pit filled with clear blue recycled glass chippings in the garden

Glass Chippings

Our recycled glass chippings are as sustainable as they are pleasing to the eye, as their production helps to keep glass bottles and jars out of landfills. Ideal for decorating memorial graves with a choice of coloured options to provide a unique and distinctive grave covering that will withstand the outdoor elements, are low maintenance and will last for years.


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