Types of projects for glass chippings, beads and pebbles.

Wedding table design using white flowers surrounded by small clear glass beads

Floral Arrangements.

Glass pebbles are often used in a wide variety of flower arrangements. Customers throughout the UK have used glass beads and pebbles for wedding table displays, as part of a floral arrangement, window displays and for use in creative internal planting.

Our wide variety of coloured glass beads and glass chippings and pebbles enables customers to choose specific colours to perfectly match or compliment the interior or any other setting they are intended for.


Decorating Graves

One of the more widespread uses of coloured glass pebbles is for decorating graves. Midland Stone have a range of coloured pebbles and chippings to choose from offering a variety of options when it comes to covering your loved one’s grave.

Our polished pebbles and glass chipping are perfect for the outdoors as their pigment is permanent and will therefore maintain its colour over time. Gravestones and chippings are also maintenance free, durable and weatherproof so they will stand the test of time.

White stone pebbles used for outdoor contemporary garden

Landscape Design

Many landscape designers have used glass pebbles and polished stone to create unique and visual garden designs that can turn ordinary spaces into stunning features. Whether you are looking to use glass pebbles or coloured stone to create a distinctive garden or water feature or to elevate a planting scheme, Midland Stone have the best quality, durable and vibrant recycled glass and pebbles to bring your garden designs to life.

Off white stone pebbles surrounding glass ornaments filled with plants and stone

Art & Crafts

Whether you’re looking for supplies for jewellery making, glass for stained glass projects, materials for making mosaics or accents for decoration, our quality glass beads makes them the perfect solution for many arts and crafts projects.

Used by jewellery makers, florists and interior designers who find a range of ways to incorporate glass beads, pebbles, polished cobbles, and chippings into their creative designs. Browse through our product range and find some inspiration for your next creative project.

Stunning blue glass chippings in outdoor garden fire pit.

Other Creative Uses

Our recycled glass chippings and pebbles are often used by garden designers to add a splash of colour and sophistication to outdoor fire pits. Used with stunning effect, our recycled glass can sustain high temperatures, ensuring that it doesn’t melt making it the perfect addition to transform a regular fire pit into a stand out feature in your garden.

Customers have used our glass chippings for wedding table displays, in window displays and for use in creative internal planting. Our wide variety of coloured glass chippings and pebbles allows the customer to choose colour that will match their specific internal decor.

Many customers have incorporated glass chipping in their art & craft projects including mosaic pieces, stained glass and glass lamps. Often customer will use the glass chippings with a variety of other coloured glass chippings from the same range.

Recently customers has used coloured glass chippings as a way of introducing a creative element to concrete floors or driveways. The glass chippings are cast in concrete or are placed over LED lights in order to give a beautiful lighting effect to any concrete project.

Glass beads and polished pebbles are also often used in fish tanks to add colour, texture and an interesting floor bed for fish to explore and enjoy.

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