Shipping & Delivery

Goods can be shipped throughout the UK.
We can organise delivery using the following method:

  • Pallet Network – this is 24-48 hour service.
  • Tipper Truck – end customer must ensure there is adequate room to turn etc.
  • Articulated Truck – this is based on the use of a mobile forklift and again you need to ensure that adequate space is available to turn etc.

Please note that the return or rejection of products which we have correctly supplied is costly. When in doubt about colour and form of a product please ask for samples prior to placing an order. Samples can be provided at minimal cost.

For full details on our UK returns policy click here.

If you don’t find a particular product that you are looking for, simply contact us today and we will see if we can help find a solution. Use our online chat to contact us or use our contact form to send us a message.

Our glass chippings are made by from 100% recyclable glass bottles and jars. The recycled glass is melted to an extremely high temperature. A dye is then added to produce a specific colour. This is a permanent dye that will not fade. The sheet of dyed glass is then cooled, crushed, graded and bagged. Check out our glass chipping product range today.

Our glass pebbles are produced from 100% post consumer glass bottles and used windscreen glass.

The glass is melted to a very a specific temperature. An additive is added to the process to produce each particular coloured glass. The coloured glass is then cooled and reprocessed to produce a wide variety of spectacular glass coloured pebbles. Check out our glass pebbles product range today.

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and product information.

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