For more than 10,000 years, terrazzo floors have been used to bring a touch of Venetian elegance and beauty to floors throughout homes and businesses worldwide. Incredibly durable, terrazzo floors also provide flexibility to enable users to create innovative designs and patterns using a range of colours and textures to transform the floor space and bring artistic flair to the environs. Midland Stone has been supplying homeowners and contractors with the raw materials needed to create fabulous terrazzo flooring for more than 20 years, and we’re sure to have the perfect supplies for your project.


We provide a wide variety of terrazzo chippings that can add colour and texture to terrazzo floors. The collection includes stone, glass, mother of pearl and even mirror chippings in many different colours. Typically for a higher concentration of colour, larger chippings are used. Most of our products are available in bags of varying size from 25 kilograms to 1000 kilograms.


Terrazzo floors begin with a wet concrete base after the base of the flooring has been cleaned and prepped for the process. Materials are passed through a machine to eliminate any rough edges and prep the stones for use. Then, the stones are carefully applied and the floor is allowed to cure. Next, the entire floor is ground to create a flat even surface. Pinholes are filled in with grout, and then the entire floor is polished and sealed.

When properly installed, terrazzo flooring can be as durable and easy to clean as they are beautiful to the eye. At Midland Stone, ordering terrazzo chippings online is easy. Our online calculator can help you determine how much to purchase, and then you can use our secure checkout system to pay for your order online. We offer delivery throughout the UK.

Terrazzo Floor Product Range

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