Black Pearl Pebbles

Our Black Pearl Pebbles are a natural smooth, polished black pebble.  They are an irregular, oval shape, on average 30mm in length. Due to the natural properties of the stone there is slight varation in color. Some pebbles are very black, whilst others are have a little more grey in them.  So whether you’re looking for something tasteful for decorating a grave site, or to enhance some internal or external planting you simply can’t go wrong with our Black Pearl Pebbles.

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Our Black Pearl Pebble are a natural pebble. They are smooth and slightly luminous, they do not reflect the light as dramatically as our Black Glass Pebbles. As a result, they lend a more natural quality to any project, be it an arts and crafts project, home decor, landscaping or the decoration of a memorial garden.

The Black Pearl Pebbles are an assortment of irregular oval shapes.  . Some pebbles are almost perfectly round, while others are more elliptical or kidney bean-shaped. Sizes also vary from as small as about 20 millimeters in width to as large as around 40 millimeters in width. We work hard to ensure that each mixture has a nice array of sizes and shapes to add as much interest to projects as possible.  Each pebble has been tumbled to remove any sharp or rough edges.

You can also expect some variations in colour from pebble to pebble due to the natural properties of the rock. Some pieces are pure midnight black whilst other Black Pearl Pebbles will have streaks of grey or appear more mottled with grey markings throughout. If you’re looking for pure solid black pebbles, be sure to have a look at our Black Glass Pebbles, also found in the Memorial Products department.

Black Pearl Pebbles are suitable for use indoors or outdoors. Because their colour is completely natural, the black and grey hues will stand the test of time without rubbing off or fading like a painted finish. Even if submerged in water, the pebbles will remain beautiful for years to come, as they are entirely waterproof.

Uncertain how many of our Black Pearl Pebbles you’ll need for a project? Use the online calculator to estimate your needs, or feel free to contact us for advice about purchasing pebbles for your project.

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