White Pearl Pebbles

Our White Pearl Pebbles are a wonderfully smooth, semi-polished rounded white pebble.   They are most often used in memorial gardens or in landscaping projects where a touch of elegance and luxury is called for.  They are available in one size range only 10-30mm.  They are often paired with the black pearl pebble.

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White is a colour that has long been associated with renewal, rebirth and hope and as such the White Pearl Pebbles are not only a symbolic choice but will also make a tasteful statement.

Our White Pearl Pebbles are made from pure white quartz stone, giving them the texture and vein patterning of real rock.  While the stone is dental white in colour, the natural character of the stone will result in some colour variation. Upon close examination, you’ll find subtle veins of yellow and very light grey in some of the pieces.

In the assortment of White Pearl Pebbles that you’ll receive from us, you’ll find a wide range of sizes. The smallest pebbles are roughly 20 millimeters in length, while the largest ones are about 40 millimeters long. The shapes vary from rock to rock; however, all of the pebbles are perfectly round with smooth sides and no sharp edges. Each piece of quartz has been carefully worked to produce the sleek, smooth pebble effect. These pebbles can be used with any of our stone or glass pebbles for memorial applications, flower arrangements, aquatics, interior decorating and other projects.


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