Wet & Dry Dashing

Dry Dashing

Dry Dashing is widely used as a decorative finish to external buildings and walls. Generally the decorative pebble is cast onto a base coat mixture of sand and cement or a coloured render. The decorative pebble protrudes from the white or rendered background. WE provide a range of mixes that you can find in our building stone range and we can provide custom mixes upon request if you are looking for a particular finish and overall effect.

The Advantages of Dry Dashing are as follows:

• Improved water shedding properties
• Gives good impact resistance
• Provides a low maintenance decorative finish
• Protects the substrate
• Gives architects and designers a wide choice of colour and texture

How much dry dashing do I need?

The dry dashing quantities noted below are rough guidelines. It is advisable to consult your plasterer or employed tradesperson for more accurate information.
1 50kg of Dry Dashing covers 4 sqm
1 25kg of Dry Dashing covers 2 sqm
1 25kg bag of limestone sand covers 1.25 sqm
1 25kg of White cement covers 25 sqm*
1 Tonne of Wet Dash covers 40 sqm

*Limestone sand & white cement (ratio 4:1) are usually mixed for form a base coat for the dry dash.

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Wet Dashing

Wet dashing is a traditional pebble dash approach. The pebble is pre-mixed with cement and lime and cast onto a scratch coated wall. The pebble is sunk within the mixture and presented as a rough textured finish. It is usually white or grey in appearance (depending on the cement used).

How much wet dashing do I need?

The quantity of wet dashing required for a project is best determined by the plasterer employed to complete the job, however on average 1 Tonne of wet dashing covers approximately 40sqm. The wet dashing contains lime, pebble (10mm) and cement, it is cured over a period of time.

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