Black Polished Cobbles

Our Black Polished Cobbles are a hand selected natural river pebble.  Each pebble is graded by appearance.  We select the highest grade available to ensure our customers receive the best Black Polished Cobbles available on the market.  Our Black Polished Cobbles are a smooth, highly polished, black shiny pebble.  The Black Polished cobbles are oval in shape, with 2 size ranges available 1-3cm and 3-5cm.  Over time, due to natural weathering, the pebbles will loose some of the high polish and become more matt in appearance.


Professional landscapers often use Black Polished Cobbles as edging for planters and driveways, but they are also frequently used for memorial gardens.

Perfectly black in colour, these polished cobblestones are highly versatile for decorating. The shade will go with any interior or exterior decor and will blend nicely with stones in other hues as well as with other glass pebbles.

The Black Polished Cobbles begin as real river pebbles that are hand selected from riverbeds throughout the UK and Ireland. Great care is taken to select rocks that have beautiful colouration and a pleasing base texture.

We deliver these decorative cobblestones in a wide range of sizes so feel free to browse them and make an order online.

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Medium 1-3cm, Large 3-5cm


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