At Midland Stone, we remain committed to sourcing and providing premium, high-quality natural stone products that can be trusted for reliability and durability.

We have over 20 years experience sourcing the highest quality natural stone products at the best prices.

We work with trade partners on both the supply end and with our local trade partners such as:




Garden Designers


Interior Designers

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Why Midland Stone?

If you are interested in becoming a trade partner with Midland Stone, there are many benefits of working with us. We can provide you with samples of our products, customised solutions, and bulk orders if necessary. You can also avail of direct supply from source, enabling us to give the most effective and cost-effective service.

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High Quality Stone

We only source the highest quality natural stone and our team thoroughly inspect all products before shipping to Ireland/UK

Product Catelogue

Extensive Product Catalogue

We have a vast product catalogue from paving to building stones, from garden furniture to stone aggregates. We are continually investing in sourcing new and interesting products and if you are looking for something specific we will see if we can source it on your behalf.

Variety of colours

Variety of colours

Choice of colours and sizes apply to all our products as well as providing bespoke natural stone products based on your specific requirements

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Sustainable and ethical sourcing

We only source sustainable products from suppliers that adhere to our ethical standards

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Delivery and Collection

From single crates to full artic loads, we can deliver your orders directly to you or arrange collection in our premises.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Dealing directly with Midland Stone ensure a constant supply of product at competitive prices in Ireland and the UK

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