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An architects vision, combined with a craftsman’s skill installing a terrazzo floor, creates an inspired, sustainable floor with more advantages than any other type of floor.

Midland Stone collaborates with architects to supply superior quality marble floor aggregates along with a huge range of coloured glass chippings, that when combined, will transform your terrazzo floor project.

Midland Stone have all you need in one place to achieve your creative floor designs. We have a variety of aggregate options from Mother of Pearl to Botticino, to coloured recycled glass chippings to make your terrazzo project stand out.


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    • Huge range of coloured glass chippings from Earthy Greens to Electric Blues to Bright Yellows.
    • We also stock Mirror and Mother of Pearl Aggregates which can add sparkle and shine to any floor.
    • We can provide small sample mixes of any terrazzo aggregate combined with various glass chippings. (Simply complete the form on the right today!)
    • These samples can be sent within 48 hours anywhere in Ireland.
    • Trade pricing and terms offered.

    The color combinations and tones possible with glass terrazzo are stunning. Additionally, when used with a clear topcoat, glass terrazzo chips create a shimmering, gemlike depth that most other terrazzo aggregates can’t achieve.

    The end result of coloured glass terrazzo floor can create an incredibly dazzling mosaic of bright colors, and just about anything in between. Their uniqueness is one of their finest attributes, no two polished concrete floors will ever be the same!

    Why Use

    Design Flexibility

    Aesthetically superior

    Environmentally friendly

    Resistant to chipping

    Durable Low maintenance


    Cobalt Glass Chippings

    Our cobalt glass chippings are a deep ink blue colour. The great advantage of this particular product is that they do not discolour over time.

    Yellow Glass Chippings

    Bring beautiful sunny colour to a project and make it greener at the same time with the Yellow Recycled Glass Chippings.

    Sea Blue Glass Chippings

    Our turquoise glass chippings are sea blue in colour and are an angular shape. They are available in two sizes, medium and large.

    Red Glass Chippings

    These vibrant red glass chips add a burst of colour to any flooring project, giving a unique and warm overall effect.


    The Bardigilio Terrazzo Chippings are a mixture of grey, made from fine Italian marble that provides a durable material for crafting terrazzo floors.

    Yellow Sienna Marble

    An incredibly beautiful aggregate, this material creates a stunning effect and can high volume traffic with ease because it is made from high-quality and durable marble stone.

    Green Alpe

    This stone mixture is ideal for adding noticeable pops of colour and natural rock texture to indoor and outdoor terrazzo flooring for residential and commercial buildings.

    Mother Of Pearl

    Mother of pearl has a beautiful glossy appearance with a stunning mix of yellow, white, and gold colours. When used on a terrazzo floor it provides shine, beauty, and Venetian elegance.


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